Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Fire

Here is a video of Sioux Lookout 35, the large fire near Mishkeegogamang, the footage was taken on July 28, 2011.

The video was created for a wide audience, with the interests of
Mishkeegogamang in mind. The images of new growth and renewal are
encouraging, and the video also features local people from
Mishkeegogamang helping to protect their community.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One New Councilor, Four Re-elected

Thomas Wassaykeesic, David Masakeyash, Mary Anne Panacheese and Laureen Wassaykeesic were re-elected as councilors. Michael Bottle got 107 votes to gain the remaining seat on Council. The list below shows the number of votes received by each candidate:

Name of Candidate
James Bottle 40
Michael James Bottle 107
Kristin Brisket 27
Robert Brisket 50
John Derouin 51
Brenda Fox 79
Eileen Loon 25
Marena Loon 42
David Masakeyash 138
Gloria Muckuck 49
Bella Panacheese 42
Mary Ann Panacheese 81
Tracy Panacheese 49
George John Skunk 36
Maureen Skunk 28
Michael Skunk 41
John Paul Spade 56
Linda Spade 21
Thomas Dino Spade 47
Jeffrey Wassaykeesic 25
Laureen Wassaykeesic 101
Thomas Wassaykeesic 145
Kenneth Wavy 53

Chief Connie Gray-McKay Re-Elected

Connie Gray-McKay has been re-elected as Mishkeegogamang’s chief, winning 92 of the approximately 300 votes that were cast in the August election. The alphabetical list below shows how many votes each candidate for chief received.

Name of Candidate

Michael James Bottle 38
John Derouin 27
Connie Gray-McKay 92
Glenn Kaminawaish 46
Marena Loon 59
Thomas Wassaykeesic 41