Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hydro Payment Distribution

Chief and Council
Ontario P0v 2H0
PH (807)928-2414

Sunday, December 1, 2013.

To the Membership of Mishkeegogamang,

This notice is to inform you that there will be no Hydro Payment distribution on Wednesday December 4, 2013 as anticipated.  There are a few issues that will need to be addressed before any distribution is done which make take a few days to a week.
At the present time, there are three options that can be utilized to do the distribution from direct deposit, preloaded credit card to a cheque.  The recommended and most secure process is by direct deposit but it isn't limited to.

You can email, fax your banking information or address to any of the Chief and Council.

Thank you,

Chief and Council

Monday, October 21, 2013

Settlement Funds

Michael Bottle
Mishkeegogamang First Nation
P0V 2H0

Monday, October 21, 2013.

To the Community members of Mishkeegogamang,

The newest update on the settlement is that as of Friday, October 18, Justice Gans has signed the dismissal papers for the funds to be released to the First Nation.
The case needed to be dismissed before the transfer of the funds could be released to the First Nation.

As of today there hasn't been any decision made about the settlement funds, how they will be utilized and how much the payout to the membership will be.  The draft that was on facebook was something that was produced by the account and was to be discussed which it hasn't.  Majority of the funds will be put into trust which will be administered by trustees that will need to meet the criteria identified in the trust.

I thank you for your patience and I would like to stress that the time it took to get the funds was out of our hands and was in control of the presiding judge. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Canada Claim and Trustee

Michael Bottle


Mishkeegogamang F.N

Ontario P0V 2H0


Extention 2239


Tuesday, September 3, 2013.


To all Community members,

               I thought I would give you an update on the Canada Claim as well as the appointing of trustees for the Settlement monies.  As I updated last month, the two levels of Government have signed off on the Settlement documents and they have written to Justice Gans to have the lawsuit dismissed.  We have not received any new updates and therefore we haven't updated.

               We met with the lawyer that is working on the trust on Friday, August 30, 2013 to discuss the trustees and membership criteria.  The trust document has not been finalized and will need to be ratified by membership before it is finalized.  The appointment of trustees has not happened and we will continue accepting any person interested.  The trustees criteria that has been advertised is what the membership had suggested at various meetings during the ratification of the settlement in Thunder Bay, Pickle Lake, Mishkeegogamang, Sioux Lookout and Ignace.
              The role of Trustee is an important position and the criteria will need to be strict and serious. The appointment of trustees and forming of the trust will have no bearing or cause delay on the per capita once the funds are released to the First Nation. Per Capita formula has not been set and will need to be discussed in further detail.


Thank you,



Michael Bottle

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Chief and Council of Mishkeegogamang are actively working to finalize the terms of the First Nation's settlement trust fund.  Once established this trust will serve as a long term investment vehicle which will benefit our community into the future.
The Trust will be administered by a group of six (6) community trustees and one (1) corporate trustee.  Initially, the first group of community trustees will be appointed by Chief and Council and therafter these trustees will be elected from time to time.  As such we are seeking expressions of interest from our community members for the role of initial trustees.
In order to be qualified to preside on the trust you:
    1. Must be a Member of the Band at the time of their appointment;
    3. Must be Eighteen Years (18) or more years of age at the time he or she becomes a trustee;
    5. Must not be an undischarged bankrupt; and
    7. Must not have been previously convicted of an offense pursuant to the Criminal Code of Canada or the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act or any comparable legislation which comes into force after the trust is created unless the offence(s) occurred 10 years prior to being elected to the trust and the individual had obtained a pardon no later than by the date they are elected to the position of trustee.
Please note that Member of the Council are not eligible to serve as Trustees.
In addition to the six (6) community trustees the Chief and Council will also appoint a youth representative and an elder representative to preside on the Board of Trustees as ex-officio members.  These representatives will not be trustees but will participate on the trust to provide community feedback to the trustees.
If you are interested in serving on the trust as either a trustee or an ex-officio member, please provide us with your expression of interest and clear/current criminal reference check no later than Friday, August 30, 2013, 5:00 central time.
Please forward your material to:
Chief and Council
Administration Office
1A First Nation Street
Mishkeegogamang, Ontario
P0V 2H0 





August 28, 2013
11:00AM - 5:00 PM
      • Transportation will be provided
      • Lunch and refreshments will be provided
      • MNDM and MNR senior staff will be in attendance
      • Fort Hope Chief and Council will be present
      • You are invited to attend, participate and ask any questions you would like answered
For further information, please contact:
David Masakeyash, Band Councillor
928-2414 ext. 2235

Kenneth Wavy
928-2414 ext. 2237

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mishkeegogamang Election Results 2013.

Mishkeegogamang Elections Results

August 7th, 2013.



Connie Gray Mckay                         134

Glenn Kaminawaish                         101

Karen Kaminawaish Powless         44

John Derouin                                    36

Laureen Wassaykeesic                   35

Ronald Skunk                                    21

Marena Loon                                    15

Gordon Wassaykeesic                    13



Michael Bottle                                 238

Tom Wassaykeesic                          200

David Masakeyash                          189

Brenda Fox                                        138

Marianne Panacheese-Skunk        128

Laureen Wassaykeesic                   119

Ida Muckuck                                     89

Mervin Masakeyash                        87

Karen Kaminawaish Powless         75

John Paul Spade                               72

John Brown                                       57

Tracy Panacheese                           52

Shawon Wavey                                50

Gordon Wassaykeesic                    48

Travis Masakeyash                          47

Sinon Stewart Skunk                       41

Marena Loon                                    40

Keith Sever                                        37

Jerinena Neekan                              35

Ernest Tremblay                               31

Joseph West                                     29

Wanita McLean                               24

Allan Scott Necan                            23


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Candidates list for Mishkeegogamang Election

Mishkeegogamang First Nation
Final Candidates
John Derouin
Connie Gray-Mckay
Glenn Kaminawaish
Karen Kaminawaish Powless
Marena Loon
Ronald Skunk
Gordon Wassaykeesic
 Laureen Wassaykeesic
Michael Bottle
John Brown
Brenda Fox
Karen Kaminawaish Powless
Marena Loon
Martha Loon
David Masakeyash
Mervin Masakeyash
Travis Masakeyash
Wanita McLean
 Ida Muckuck
 Allan Scott Necan
Jerinena Neekan
Tracy Panacheese
Mary Ann Panacheese-Skunk
 Keith Sever
Sinon Stewart Skunk
 John Paul Spade
 Ernest Trembley
Gordon Wassaykeesic
 Laureen Wassaykeesic
 Tom Wassaykeesic
Shawon Wavey
Joseph West