Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Candidates list for Mishkeegogamang Election

Mishkeegogamang First Nation
Final Candidates
John Derouin
Connie Gray-Mckay
Glenn Kaminawaish
Karen Kaminawaish Powless
Marena Loon
Ronald Skunk
Gordon Wassaykeesic
 Laureen Wassaykeesic
Michael Bottle
John Brown
Brenda Fox
Karen Kaminawaish Powless
Marena Loon
Martha Loon
David Masakeyash
Mervin Masakeyash
Travis Masakeyash
Wanita McLean
 Ida Muckuck
 Allan Scott Necan
Jerinena Neekan
Tracy Panacheese
Mary Ann Panacheese-Skunk
 Keith Sever
Sinon Stewart Skunk
 John Paul Spade
 Ernest Trembley
Gordon Wassaykeesic
 Laureen Wassaykeesic
 Tom Wassaykeesic
Shawon Wavey
Joseph West


  1. These candidate lists are not correct and nor should they posted as valid.

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