Monday, October 21, 2013

Settlement Funds

Michael Bottle
Mishkeegogamang First Nation
P0V 2H0

Monday, October 21, 2013.

To the Community members of Mishkeegogamang,

The newest update on the settlement is that as of Friday, October 18, Justice Gans has signed the dismissal papers for the funds to be released to the First Nation.
The case needed to be dismissed before the transfer of the funds could be released to the First Nation.

As of today there hasn't been any decision made about the settlement funds, how they will be utilized and how much the payout to the membership will be.  The draft that was on facebook was something that was produced by the account and was to be discussed which it hasn't.  Majority of the funds will be put into trust which will be administered by trustees that will need to meet the criteria identified in the trust.

I thank you for your patience and I would like to stress that the time it took to get the funds was out of our hands and was in control of the presiding judge. 


  1. What is the status of the trust fund committee? Because this is a very important part of the land claim settlement, the band membership should also be kept up to date on this issue. Please inform us as soon as possible. Thank you.

  2. Are there any new updates we band members should know about? I know i'm not the only one who would like to know.

  3. should be a weekly thing to inform members of whats happening with the land claim settlement...please keep the membership informed

  4. What is the status of land claim settlement, did the reserve receive the monies released by the judge, there is rumor in T.Bay that the cheques may be mailed out around Dec. 04, 2013, is this true?????

  5. please update us as to when there will be a payout? is the dec 4th date actually true? we need updates ...:)

  6. Just received a phone call and was told that there is going to be some of ceremony on the reserve on December 4th, 2013 and that settlement cheques will be handed out; what is going to happen for the people that are living off the reserve, will our cheques be mailed to us also on that date. Please let us know what is going on

  7. Doesn't anyone have any up-dates on what is going on with settlement claim, is the payouts going to happen in early December or not, can someone please find out, would be nice to hear some good news

    1. You are supposed to fax in your acct info to the band and I believe it'll be deposited into it.

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  8. well they should contact the people that live off the reserve or send us something stating what is required, can you find out for sure

  9. found this in an archive from 2011:

    "Notice to Off-Reserve Members
    All Mishkeegogamang band members
    living off-reserve should fax or phone in
    their current address and phone number
    to the band office (928-2414) as soon
    as possible. This will ensure that people
    get their notices, elders can receive their
    payouts, and everyone is able to make
    nominations and vote in elections."

  10. that's a notice for 2011, they need to do one dated for whatever date and this year 2013 and we need to hear from the band and council offficially

  11. they should give out another Pay out, and put towards housing. it's not right how we only got one Cheque. for the years we missed. but they should had money to the prople on Reserve, and also Off Reserve. doesn't matter where the person is living. it's our money, well everybody from there.

  12. Me and my mother are off the Reserve and don't get any updates on anything my mother is 69 and I do think the people should het more payouts